Pick a Day, Choose a Time and Prepare a Place

Managing money obligations, spending, and financial decisions take time. It’s kind of like a second or third job. You could call it bookkeeping; I call it – working on your money. I tell clients that if they don’t work on their money, someone else will, and later they will wonder where their money went and … Continue reading “Pick a Day, Choose a Time and Prepare a Place”

Common Mistakes When Creating a Spending Plan

Creating and using a spending plan is more about managing behavior than money. What the spending plan does is help you to reach your financial goals. Money is the tool a spending plan uses to achieve financial goals. Below are some common mistakes when creating a spending plan. Starting to create a spending plan without … Continue reading “Common Mistakes When Creating a Spending Plan”

Personal Financial Planning

In the economic environment of today, personal financial planning is a crucial function. We all can manage our finances better to meet our goals and objectives. Effectively managing finances results from an organized process called personal money management or personal financial planning. So Exactly What Is Personal Financial Planning? Generally, personal financial planning is managing your … Continue reading “Personal Financial Planning”

Methods and Tips to Help You Track Expenses

There is no short answer to the best method for tracking your expenditures question. The best approach is one you feel comfortable enough to stick to every day and follow through on. Follow the tips and methods below to help you track expenses.  Track Expenses with Pencil and Paper If you prefer a tech-free solution … Continue reading “Methods and Tips to Help You Track Expenses”