You Need a Fund for Emergencies

An emergency fund or what some call a contingency fund allows you to stick to a spending plan without having to change and interrupt your budget to meet unexpected costs and expenses.  You can plan better and manage your finances knowing you can cover emergency expenses as they arise. 

You Need an Emergency Fund

This is especially during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.  You never really know what happened.  Either they lost a job due to COVID-19, or something else dealing with COVID-19 like a parent or close family member getting sick.  Maybe they were not living within their means or got extended with bills, and just could not keep up. 

Spending Plan Tips for Graduates

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Managing Money Well Creates Choices

Managing money well gives you more choices and options. You see, money is just a tool to help you reach your goals and dreams. It’s an asset and a help. It’s not a master, and it’s a terrible god.   William Jennings Bryan, three-time Presidential candidate, put it this way in a speech in 1900, “There … Continue reading “Managing Money Well Creates Choices”

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