Avoiding Bad Financial Habits

weekly, and monthly basis. Weekly, add up all of those receipts for gas, snacks, soft drinks, and lunch at your favorite restaurant, and coffee.  And see how quickly it all adds up when you do not know how much you are spending every day.  Eliminate this bad habit and put yourself on a daily spending limit and stick to it.

Consistency in Managing Finances

Consistency and money management, like all things, begins in the mind with thought.  All of our beliefs, feelings, and behaviors begin in thought.  You can create neurological pathways that reinforce the notion that you are capable of managing money well.  And practicing these thoughts consistently builds the pathways.  Each thought has the capacity to help us follow through with the appropriate behavioral response automatically.

Pick a Day, Choose a Time and Prepare a Place

Managing money obligations, spending, and financial decisions take time. It’s kind of like a second or third job. You could call it bookkeeping; I call it – working on your money. I tell clients that if they don’t work on their money, someone else will, and later they will wonder where their money went and … Continue reading “Pick a Day, Choose a Time and Prepare a Place”

To Do Better with Money Track Your Spending 

If you are not tracking your income and expenses, you can’t manage your money effectively. To do better with money track your spending.    Tracking your spending, on the surface, appears to be straightforward and simple, but it can be a complex process and quite difficult.  It takes consistency to track your spending which is … Continue reading “To Do Better with Money Track Your Spending ”

Three Reasons to Track Expenses

Tracking your expenses involves identifying and recording your expenditures throughout a specific period. It’s a crucial and basic activity that should ideally do done every day.  It may seem like a lot of work to itemize your expenses when you decide to start using a spending plan. However, it’s important to understand why you need to … Continue reading “Three Reasons to Track Expenses”