Using Values to Guide Money Management

Today I want to talk a little about using values to guide money management. Values are personal beliefs about what you regard as worthy and true. They tend to reflect your upbringing, and they tend to change very little without conscious effort. Values are the worth of something in terms of the amount for which … Continue reading “Using Values to Guide Money Management”

Three Money management Tips for 2022

It’s still closer to the beginning of the year than the end, and a great time to prepare and plan to manage your money better in 2022.  One of the reasons why people fail with their finances is poor planning.  Here is how it usually goes… It is the first of the year and you … Continue reading “Three Money management Tips for 2022”

Teaching Children about Saving Money

Children are great learners. Maybe it’s because they have not yet developed the attitudes and behaviors that many of us have. They control or have some input, as consumers, on a lot of household spending. They do not need as much help learning to spend as they do learning how to save. Teaching children about … Continue reading “Teaching Children about Saving Money”