What are Spending Plan Tools?

Most people are just not motivated by creating or using a spending plan. Research has shown that 20 – 30 percent of the U.S. population does not use a spending plan. According to a Debt.com survey of over 1000 people, almost a third did not use a spending plan because they felt they did not … Continue reading “What are Spending Plan Tools?”

Three Thoughts on Spending Plans

I have made just about every mistake that you can make with money. I share three thoughts on spending plans to help others avoid some of the pitfalls that come from not knowing how to and mismanaging money.   Spending plans may not be sexy but they will take you places if you follow them and … Continue reading “Three Thoughts on Spending Plans”

Five Tips for a Better Spending Plan

Creating and working on your spending plan is a way you manage your money better, and below are five tips for a better spending plan.  There are many benefits to creating a spending plan.  For all the pitfalls and changes that come when creating and working with a spending plan, here are some tips that … Continue reading “Five Tips for a Better Spending Plan”

Spending Plan Tips for Graduates

Congratulations! You finally made it and graduated, and now it’s time to face a different world. And that includes planning to spend your money. Keep the following spending plan tips for graduates in mind as you get out in the world and start working your first real job. Use a Spending Plan and Plan your … Continue reading “Spending Plan Tips for Graduates”