Tips to help you Reduce Financial Stress

According to Peter Drucker, a management consultant, author, educator, and the described founder of modern management, “Doing the right thing is more important than doing things right.” Doing the right thing is effectiveness; doing things right is efficiency. 

Five Tips for a Better Spending Plan

Creating and working on your spending plan is a way you manage your money better, and below are five tips for a better spending plan.  There are many benefits to creating a spending plan.  For all the pitfalls and changes that come when creating and working with a spending plan, here are some tips that … Continue reading “Five Tips for a Better Spending Plan”

5 Steps to a Better Spending Plan

Before you receive any money from a paycheck or any other income for the pay period, you want to sit down and “plan to spend” your money.  On purpose, you want to plan out where all your paycheck will be spent.  Often, we do not plan to spend our money and we end up letting others spend our money for us as we buy things that we did not plan to. 

Spending Plan, Spending Plan, Who’s Got the Spending Plan

There are spending plans for startup businesses and budgets for corporations.  There are department spending plans and city, county, and state budgets.  There are even personal and family spending plans as well as vacation spending plans and monthly spending plans.  There are sales budgets and cash flow budgets.  There are even marketing and production spending plans.

So many spending plans and budgets…

Seems like if all of these spending plans and budgets exist and all different types of organizations and groups use them, there must be something about them that works.