There are a couple of things that I am committed to. Two of them are growing personally as a Christian and contributing something bigger than myself to the world.

I am a financial coach and counselor, and I help people make better financial decisions and treat their money like no one else. Contact me below for a free financial coaching or counseling consultation meeting.

I am starting this blog to help individuals and families create winning spending plans that work and improve financial literacy.

What I bring to the table is expert insight into better financial decision making, financial literacy and spending plans; creating and managing them leading people to financial freedom. 

Often, when people look at their financial situation, they see it wrong, and it takes a different viewpoint or perspective to see opportunity and hope. I want to bring that practical reason to hope and for people to see a better way to financial freedom through financial literacy and creating spending plans that work and can follow. 

Creating revelation around spending plans that provoke people to engage with me in constructive confrontation, attacking the old, dated, and suspect way of thinking about spending plans and budgets.  

The main point of the Blog is your spending plan and the financial freedom that comes from having and following a spending plan that works for you and your family. However, I will also explore values and their connections to great spending plans and the financial capability needed for people to do better financially. Additionally, the maintenance and sticking to a spending plan. I will explore other financial topics and situations, however, I will stick very close to the vision, which is to help individuals and families create winning spending plans and the process. Subscribe to the blog here.

I believe most people are not winning at budgeting because they do not understand the process and incorrectly view spending plans as something they can’t control.  

Instead of focusing on the one thing they can control, the spending plan and financial decision making – not realizing that they have more control than they think. 

The enemy of success is the status quo. You can’t continue to do the same things and expect different results. Let’s figure a way through the status quo, through the problem and contact us below for a free financial coaching or counseling consultation meeting. 

And understand the techniques and behaviors that move the spending plan and financial decision making process forward. 

Managing money better is all about managing behavior better. So, what can we do to manage better? What are the tools and tricks to manage behavior better? 

People fail at making better financial decisions using spending plans well because they use short-term data to come up with long-term conclusions about their spending plan, and I will talk more about this in the Blog. Marianne Williamson says in her poem Our Greatest Fear, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

You are powerful beyond measure, but you have to know it and be consistent and persistent in working your money and a spending plan that works for you and your family. 

And once we get it just right, and just so, know that life circumstances will change, and it will be time to start at the beginning again and create a new, revised spending plan. Subscribe to the blog.  

Every word, action, expression, kindness, and evil will resonate out and continue to influence people far beyond our sight and lifetimes. It is impossible to predict how we will affect the course. Maybe we speak a kind word that promotes another to do so. However, we can more significantly effect the future, by injecting positivity. We can affect the probability of outcomes with our thoughts, words, and actions…how we live positively. 

From the poem, O Me! O Life! By Walt Whitman, “That powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?” As the world turns and life goes on, what part will you play? 

How will you live? 

I am standing up for helping people manage their money, make better financial decisions, and achieve financial freedom with humor, trust, and integrity. Come along on this journey with me.

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